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Collette Merritt – The Thrivalist™ Life Coach – brings over 20 years of structured, corporate experience to the Thrivalist™ Life Coach Practice.  At the end of 2017, Collette did a 180 on her accomplished corporate career, to transform her life, when she upskilled and qualified as an ILS Life Coach, moving into a life of impact.

Collette is P.A.S.S.I.O.N.A.T.E. about people understanding what motivates their behaviour and the impact they have on others.  She believes, with every fibre of her being, that working to our Strengths and truly understanding our Personal Growth Opportunities is the road to success. 


Using various coaching tools, Collette assists individuals and groups with Mindset, Behaviour and Personal Leadership, with programs like Coaching4Clarity, Your Voice In The Workplace, Personal Leadership, Difficult Conversations and Essential Skills, to name a few.


Collette’s coaching approach is practical and non-judgmental, providing a space of infinite possibility, with a healthy dose of growth and accountability.  Feel free to read the testimonials below or the reviews on Facebook Reviews

In her spare time, Collette writes and creates stories of love lost and found.

There are so many beautiful quotes that Collette uses often in her work, but the one that inspires her greatly is by Rumi, the Persian Poet [1207 – 1273] … “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I will meet you there.”      

Collette lives in Cape Town with her phenomenal husband of 25 years, their two daughters and two particularly ADORABLE, pampered felines.

Collette’s focus is all about working with individuals and teams to move from surviving to THRIVING!

Bernadette Smith, now known as Thrivalist Bee joined the Thrivalist Life Coach Practice in July 2022 and she comes to us with 40 plus years of experience, 25 of which was in Corporate Human Resource, Training, Consulting & Coaching.  As a Learning & Development Advisor for Africa and The Middle East, she has trained individuals in Supervisory, Leadership & Targeted Selective Interview Skills.

Together with Bernadette’s employer at the time, a Global Oil Enterprise, she worked closely with NGO’s and Business Partners in playing a vital role in South Africa’s HIV\AIDS, Employee Wellness Programs and Wellness Awareness Programs; and managed and implemented responsible workplace Employee Wellness Programs, Strategies and Policies across Africa and The Middle East.

Part of her experience was working with the ‘Centre of Expertise’, as she drove Wellness & Recruitment initiatives.

Bernadette holds a Public Relations Diploma and several Training & Development qualifications ranging from a Training Development Diploma & a Diploma in Occupational Directed Educational Training Practice.

Bernadette’s new chapter with Thrivalist Life Coach is about creating and choosing the life that she wants to live.  Her focus will be Holistic Wellness and how this can be balanced in the workplace, together with Coaching Talent Management focusing on Mindset, Behaviour and Personal Leadership.

Bernadette also lives in the beautiful Cape Town with her two crabby felines and is a great elephant & rhino lover.

Thrivalist Bee moving groups & individuals from surviving to Thriving!

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Thrivalist™ Life & Leadership Coach
Enneagram Enthusiast ~ Team Dynamics Facilitator
Workshop & Training Facilitator ~ Motivational Speaker
Member of COMENSA


Click here to book a 60 minute session

Thrivalist™ Life & Leadership Coach
Team Dynamics Facilitator
Workshop & Training Facilitator
Member of COMENSA