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WARNING!! A Tough Topic!

When I read the message, I assumed I had gotten it wrong. Feeling around for my glasses, late into a Saturday night, I read the message again. “It is with deep regret, that I advise you that the person you knew [NAME] has died.”


For a moment I went out of my messaging app, to re-open it.  Like clearing my phone’s memory would wipe away the information, change it somehow … but it hadn’t.  I opened the message, to read it again. “It is with deep regret, that I advise you that the person you knew [NAME] has died. And she died from Covid.”


It was like someone sucked the air out of my lungs, I just couldn’t believe that this vibrant, good human was dead, and she was taken by Covid.


I can hear what you are thinking … Why?  Why, Collette?  When so many people have been ravaged and taken by this virus, why was this woman’s death so appalling?


Because this woman was five years younger than me, healthy, she had an acceptable BMI, she was educated, successful, vaccinated, she had access to excellent medical care, she was on a high-end medical aid, and she had access to quality resources … but still … STILL she was dead from Covid at the tail end of 2022, when we should have so much more information about this virus and how to handle it.


I was gutted.  How could this be?

If the message had told me she had died in a car accident, I would have been very upset about the tragedy, I would have held her and her young family in my prayers, but it would have made sadly, more sense to me, than her dying from Covid (in 2022).  She was an ex-colleague, we weren’t particularly close, she didn’t even live in my hometown, and I hadn’t seen her in almost ten years, but it was her access to all the things mentioned above, the fact that she was leaving a young family behind, and that she was one of the good humans on this planet, that had me heartbroken for days after hearing the news.


The days that followed were filled with introspection … and then eventually resignation to the reality.  In my desperate need to make sense of this incalculable loss, I needed to use this heart-breaking message for good … what would she have done?

A cruel irony filtered absolute TRUTH into my mind, in the quote by Kobe Bryant.  The biggest mistake we make in life is thinking we have time.

So, with that in mind, this incredibly sad message reinforced the importance of making the very most of every single moment, every single day.  Reminding me with gratitude for all of the millions of beautiful moments, amidst the challenges, that meet me at every daybreak.

Now the idea of this post, is not to depress us beyond belief, but rather to remind us that there is no rule that says we are here tomorrowso how can we ensure we make the most of every day? Make sure that, for the time we are here, whether long or short, we have impact, and that we leave a positive footprint.

In honour of my friend, here are 12 ideas we can personify in the quest to live this precious life fully!
  1. Be Present – In The Moment!
  2. Live with Passion
  3. Be Kind!
  4. Be Brave
  5. Honour The Moments – All Of Them
  6. Tell Them You Love Them
  7. Empower Others
  8. See The Beauty!
  9. Give Generously
  10. Laugh Often
  11. Say Sorry
  12. Time Is Fleeting – Do What Lights You Up!
Because if we are really lucky, even with all the challenges, the sun will come out tomorrow and we get to create the life we want to live.  Be with the people we want to love.  And live with a passion that has positive impact.

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So much love … Collette #Thrivalist!