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Baby Steps To My New Journey

Many will know, we are thrilled to announce that Thrivalist Life Coach has grown this year, by adding another coach.  Without a doubt TLC has grown year on year – we have been fortunate to even grow through the Covid Years.  So, below we introduce our new Thrivalist Coach – Bernadette Smith – Thrivalist Bee through her first blog around embracing The Baby Steps of Her New Brave Journey  …


In May of 2022, I ended one of my longest relationships of my life.  That of full-time, corporate employment with the same company [over 40 years] and I stepped into my ‘New Brave Journey’

I left corporate employment and stepping into creating the life I wanted to live.  With barely a nano-second to breathe, the urge to de-clutter shot to the surface like one of those heated geysers you see on National Geographic.  Looking around my home, considering where to start, I found a journal from November 2015, with this quote on the first page.

“Everyone knows that training makes our body stronger, fitter and more flexible.  Now, neuroscience research shows that mindfulness training cultivates the innate capacities of the mind to be present, to step out of automatic pilot and create space so we can be clearer, calmer, more focused, more creative, even more compassionate.”    Joanne O’Malley

It resonates with me today [Oct 2022], as much as it did back then, in 2015!

I knew this was going to be a marathon and not a sprint, and I knew that I would have to tackle one project at a time.  So, after some consideration [very me], I did something that was slightly out of character – I made me a priority … not in a selfish, self-focused kind of a way, but I asked myself, what am I doing to make my Body Stronger?   Fitter?   And More Flexible?

  • First, I cleared out the fridge & kitchen cupboards of food products that had expired; and I decided to donate anything that was not healthy sitting in my pantry, yes, even cake mix.

  • I planted lettuce, chives & parsley [it was good to get my hands dirty] and they are great in salads.

  • I got out my micro-green growing kit jars and started with, brown lentils and green mung beans.  This was something I picked up during lock down, and my normally well-hidden green thumb was re-discovered, because I really enjoyed tinkering in the garden during the covid season, growing something healthy in a time when health was at the fore-front of our minds.

  • I am not a gym person, I often say that the only relationship I have with gym is a debit order on my bank account, and I can’t abide by waste! So, I have started stretching and walking – baby steps.

  • My decision to leave corporate, was carefully considered.  Due to the way life unfolded, responsibility has historically been a mink coat I have worn earnestly, so this big step, was indeed a brave one … and again I was reminded of the quote by Marianne Williamson when she says, “When we liberate ourselves, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” … but it was more than that … it was time.

Time to make myself a priority and time to step into creating the life I want to live, going forward.

So, as we start enjoying our Spring season, I ask you what are you doing to make your Body Stronger?   Fitter?   And More Flexible?

Until the next time … 🐝 Bee Stronger!

Bernadette Smith